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Dogs Policy

It is the policy for heath and safety reasons that no dogs are allowed on any of the grounds at the club, irrespective of whether this is the pitch or the surrounding areas. Dogs faeces can stay in the soil for years and, if a cut gets infected, it can cause serious problems.

Dog faeces attracts breeding flies, which transmit disease. Feces can also be a vector for transmitting certain diseases between dogs and people (Salmonella, Campylobacter, Roundworms and Hookworms). This is especially true of children, which are much less likely to wash their hands after playing in the grass. The eggs of roundworms, for example, are passed in the faeces of dogs and can survive in the soil for many years - regardless of weather extremes. If the eggs are accidentally ingested, the worms can cause serious neurological, pulmonary and vision problems in the body.

As we take the duty of care of all players at Swanage & Wareham RFC, from 6 years old upwards, these rules must be adhered to in all situations.


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